Paperless Classroom Shapes Up For Clean Up Australia Day

In the lead up to Clean Up Australia Day this Sunday, a local Gold Coast college has opened a new mathematics facility which is completely paperless. AB Patterson College in Ashmore, this week introduced a set of classrooms which rely on advanced computer systems, electronics tablets and high tech calculators. The centre is designed to eliminate the need for notebooks and paper hand outs, creating a more efficient and environmentally friendly learning space. The concept of the paperless classroom was first introduced by Eminence Middle School, Kentuky USA. The school successfully transferred all year 7 and 8 curriculum to computer based data. AB Patterson is one of two schools in Australia which have introduced the international technology. The centre cost the school $7.5million but the school is confident the investment was worth it. It is estimated that 900 sheets of paper are passed out to a mathematics students each week. The school will be able to not only save on the printing costs, but the labour costs of the time and energy it takes to do all the printing and binding.

Year 12 student Charlotte Allen appreciates the system for the environmental benefits as well as what the paper class room can do for her grades. “I’m getting towards the end of my schooling, and having all my work and records on the computer gives me peace of mind to know nothing will go missing and no work can be marked incorrectly by the computer. I think it’s going to lift a lot of weight off both the students and the teachers’ shoulders.”

Eliminating paper is a prominent issue for the organisers of Clean up Australia Day this year. Today in Australia there are 20 billion less trees compared to 1788 and the natural resources left are not going to last forever.  In 2002 – 2003 Australians consumed 4,011,000 tonnes of paper, this contributes to landfills reaching capacity, dangerous greenhouse gas emissions and wasted water and energy. By eliminating paper use Australians will be able to breathe easier, and as AB Patterson College is proving, we will be able to work more efficiently.


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The Fashionable Life

The future of Gold Coast fashion has arrived. Last week Gold Coast Fashion Week showcased delectable swimwear, resort wear and ready to wear from the capital of dawn to dusk glamour. The event highlighted fashions for nation wide sun lovers; summer will never look the same again. Gold Coast Fashion Week wrapped up on Sunday night with the highlight and swimwear parades held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. Designers from the Gold Coast and surrounds put on a show for buyers, the media and the general fashion loving public. Gold Coast Fashion Week was a trade and industry event that featured local Brisbane and Gold Coast designers.

The event was held by Special Reservations in conjunction with Division Model Management; business has never looked so fashionable. Kirsten Mitchell and Jason Purton combined forces to re-establish the event after the bad reputation GCFW gained from the controversial issue in 2007 of Maddison Gabriel, the 12 year old face of the event. Kirsten, director of Division Model Management has over 16 years experience in the fashion industry. Combining good looks and business is a feat that Kirsten has easily achieved; that’s why Kirsten was a first choice for Jason Purton from Special Reservations Event Management. Having worked for many Gold Coast events including an in-house career at the Versace Resort, Jason has a thorough understanding of the Gold Coast and the events the locals want.

“Kirsten has so much experience and respect within the fashion industry and with my experience creating events we were able to host a spectacular series of fashion events that were attractive and suitable for Designers, Models, and Sponsors.”

Gold Coast Fashion Week wrapped up on Sunday night putting all the hard work behind them at the after party at Temple Restaurant and Lounge Bar, toasts were made to the future of the Gold Coast Fashion Industry with a well deserved glass of champagne.

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Escapism to Cause Hearing Loss

Audiologists are predicting a large surge in hearing loss in Generation Y iPod users. Hearing loss is beginning to become a concerning health issue very early in life for iPod using youth.  The hearing loss in youth is on par with hearing levels of aging adults, a USA university has discovered.

Since the iPod launch eight years ago over two million users worldwide having been pumping out their favourite music on these portable music players. Technology has advanced in the iPod in recent years to deliver battery endurance for longer lasting play, a contributing factor to hearing loss.  Earbuds are placed directly in the ear and can boost the sound signal by as much as six to nine decibels. It’s enough to cause hearing loss after only about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Extensive research has been conducted to help eliminate this hearing problem. The recommendation is, what researchers call, the 60 percent/60 minute rule. They recommend using iPods no more than about an hour a day and at levels below 60 percent of maximum volume. But this solution doesn’t sit well with the youth of today. Nyree Hawley a university student and part time sales consultant uses her iPod as a form of escapism. “There is nothing more I love then turning up my favourite songs up to full volume and washing away my day. I don’t really consider my hearing health in the matter”

Parents used to voice concern about high audio levels at rock concerts, but the real problem is the prolonged high audio levels from hours of daily iPod use, not a one hour concert. Today’s youth are faced with a choice; turn the volume levels down or replace their headphones with hearing aids.

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The Romance of Art (TBM)

elegy-poster-bigThe Gold Coast Art Centre, Bundall, upholds a reputation for showing quality art house films with a distinctive difference, something mainstream cinema steers away from. The movie Elegy had the makings of a blockbuster film but with creative art direction from director Isabel Coixet it stayed true to the Gold Coast Art Centre’s ethos.

Cinema coordinator Jeff Goopy believed the film would impact the Gold Coast Art Cinema industry. “The storyline had everyday relevance with a deeper seeded meaning. The film looked outside of the box and it fits with our vision to look outside the cinema.”

The story seems to follow a romantic comedy structure but screenplay writer Nicholas Meyer leaves the viewer towards the close of the film with a dramtic tradegy. Oscar winner Penelope Cruz, plays the beautiful 24 year old Consuela Castillo, a Cuban student who begins an intimate relationship with her professor 30 years her senior. With such an age gap between the lovers, drama was bound to follow. A point of difference of Elegy was the minimal locations which the film was set, they created a feel of a theatrical stage by setting the entire film in only about 4 locations.

The Gold Coast Art Centre cinemas have built a reputation for showing quality films with an art basis and Elegy is no exception. This handpicked movie fitted well into the lineup of past films shown at the arts centre. Elegy was able to deliver a thought provoking story line and paired it with an award winning cast which in turn created a memorable film. The romance of this tragedy builds upon the ethos within the theatrical stage like setting. The beauty of the locations met with the tragedy of the love proves for an intelligent look at love and life at any age.

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Travelling Dreams (TBM)


The Quick Buy Options

In an uncreative attempt to hide the travel industry from the jaws of recession the local rag staffed a travel exhibition at the Gold Coast convention centre from the 8th-10th May. Consumers with idealistic incomes swarmed to gather inspiration for their next flee on a whim.

The Gold Coast Bulletin sponsored the event was run by Organisers International. The festivities also included a “What Women Want” expo where ladies could have all your flaws pointed out and a “Home and Design” expo. The travel show was the most popular of the three, although theyall lacked real interest. Despite being occupied in the smallest area they managed to fit a caravan and a few key displays inside the exhibitors area.

The event covered a range of budgets or travel fantasy from African safari to a getaway at  Coffs Harbour, or even a road trip around the outback in your own camper. Once you had walked around the exhibition and planned your holidays that you can’t afford, they offered a lure for the impulse shoppers with a booking booth right in the centre, fitted with laptops and pushy sales consultants.

Although the sales consultants offered a bit of personalisation to the event, it generally lacked intimacy and “pizzazz”. Either blame the economy or that the event was free entry, it did nothing to make the travel bug in me fall hopelessly in love. The African safari tent offered brochures and posters, as did the New England Tourism booth, and as did the other 100 exhibitors. In the economic times the convention could have been more enticing for consumers to spend their last few dollars. Next time can someone please bring a lion.

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Campus Fashion Focus (TBM)

The dress standards on campus grounds have dropped as low as the Australian dollar this year. Griffith University is an internationally recognised university and the students are wearing track pants to class. With the economy in a slump some students try to blame luck of funds for there fleecy leg friends but Griffith student amd wardrobe stylist Tara Rose Hyman believes this is no excuse.  “The amount of stores offering cheap clothes for the 18-28 bracket on the coast is plentiful! It’s not that hard to put on a nice pair of jeans, shoes (not thongs) and a well cut t-shirt.

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Wrecked Wheels off the Road (TBM)


A proposal has been put forward by motor groups in Australia to encourage consumers to spend there hard earned dollars within the motor industry. The Motor Traders Association of NSW are pushing the government to introduce a cash for crushed cars scheme. When a consumer crushes their motor vehicle over 10 years old,they are rewarded with a certificate to spend on a brand new car. The catch is that the $3000 can only spent on brand new cars from dealers. 1989 Ford Laser owner Kristy Charleson would embrace the initiative with open arms. “It would be the motivation to finally save for a new car”

During Feburary new car sales slumped to the lowest point since March 2003.  This proposal is designed to benefit consumers and over 103,000 small businesses that rely on a thriving car industry.

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